Virtual Seminars

Join us for these interactive money management training.

Budgeting and Net Worth


You will learn how to develop a written monthly Budget and set up a Budget Book. You will gain strategies to avoid deficient monthly spending (staying out of the hole) and identify sources of money to set aside for an Emergency Fund. You will also learn how to calculate your Net Worth and explore ways to increase your Net Worth.

Managing Debt


You will learn how to distinguish between wise and unwise debt and how to apply a 7-Step Strategy for repaying debt. You will learn 4 questions to consider before each purchase on credit, how to watch for pitfalls of overextending yourself on a car and other purchases, how to avoid holiday season debt.

Financial Planning


You will learn how to define and create a Financial Plan. You will identify financial goals and develop strategies to measure the progress of financial goals and achieve financial goals. You will plan for monthly expenses and income in retirement. You will consider insurance coverage needs.

Buying a Home


You will explore benefits of home ownership and mechanics of home mortgages. You will consider home buying programs for first time home buyers, veterans, and others. You will understand private mortgage insurance and predatory lenders. You will learn steps to follow when buying a home.